We make factual and current affairs documentaries for major television broadcasters. Our films have won five Emmys, four BAFTAs, four Royal Television Society Awards, a duPont award, the Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award for International Television, two Grierson documentary awards, and many other major international TV awards.

In the UK Airport Chaos Undercover has just aired (for C4's Dispatches strand.) As the UK experiences a summer of delays, queues and cancellations, Jane Moore investigates what’s going wrong, with the help of an undercover reporter secretly working as a baggage handler in one of the UK’s busiest airports.  As the UK experiences a summer of delays, queues and cancellations, Jane Moore investigates what’s going wrong, with the help of an undercover reporter secretly working as a baggage handler in one of the UK’s busiest airports.  The film's revelations have generated articles in most UK papers.

We're delighted another recent film Afghanistan - No Country For Women (for ITV's Exposure strand) has just been shortlisted for a prestigious Grierson award. It will be aired August 9 as Afghanistan Undercover  in the US by PBS/Frontline. After the Taliban's public promises of change, Ramita Navai powerfully exposes the reality of life for women under their rule. She secretly films in a jail where she discovers women being held by the Taliban without trial or charge, their fate often unknown to their families. The film uncovers evidence of Taliban officials using violence to forcibly marry young girls and accompanies an underground network of female activists on dangerous missions to rescue women hunted by the Taliban. Navai also joins a women’s protest that is broken up by their security forces. Often made undercover, the documentary shows the regime’s control of women’s lives tightening, with many of the defiant voices in the film ultimately being arrested or fleeing abroad.

Vaccine Wars: The Truth About Pfizer. The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has saved countless lives but as the vaccine generates record revenues,  Antony Barnett investigates growing questions over US drug giant Pfizer's behaviour.  Is it unfairly profiteering from the pandemic? Has it always played by the rules? And is it doing enough to help poorer countries? Available to watch on All4.

The Anti-Vax Conspiracy (View on All4) has won the award for Investigative Documentary of the year at the 2021 Association of International Broadcasters awards. This 90' feature  was directed by Colette Camden and produced by Flora Bagenal and was a collaboration with Caravan Media for C4/ARTE. As well as the UK, it's being aired across Europe. The Observer says it's "startling ...this fine documentary  exposes why the anti-vax industry does what it does" and that the film " unpacked a new punch every few minutes".

Escape from the Taliban was described by the Times as 'powerful and often harrowing.' Sue Turton's film follows one family as they try to escape Afghanistan after the takeover, profiles Taliban fighters, and follows a key figure in the new regime, Anis Haqqani, as he returns to Bagram prison where he was held for five years. It's available on All4.

India's Rape Scandal (for C4/Dispatches and GBH/Frontline) investigates a wave of shocking rape cases in India — some of them drawing in politicians from the country’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party — and allegations of cover-up. The Financial Times says "When it comes to unspeakable callousness, nightmarish plotting and shock twists, real life is frequently more than a match for fiction… Horrendous but necessary viewing". It's available on All4. Watch in the US on the Frontline/PBS site. The Observer made is one of its top ten 2021 shows.

Other recent productions include a trilogy of headline-making documentaries for C4/Dispatches, made across the pandemic and reported by Antony Barnet. Britain's Coronavirus Catastrophe uncovers the key moments which led to the initial UK lockdown and shaped a British epidemic causing a death toll among the highest in the world. ( 'Essential viewing' - i). Lockdown Chaos: How the Government Lost Control  reveals why the UK's £12bn test and trace system couldn't stop a second wave of infection, the secretive contracts given to the companies operating the system, and goes undercover inside one of the UK's largest Covid-19 testing laboratories. Second Wave: Did the Government get it Wrong? investigates why two thirds of the UK’s Covid deaths came after September 2020 and the arrival of new variants.    All are available on All4.

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