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It’s only 800 miles from Wuhan where the Coronavirus pandemic started, but astonishingly South Korea has beaten back the virus and life is largely normal. How has it done it?

Filmed in hospitals, testing centres and laboratories at the heart of South Korea’s struggle against Coronavirus, and with interviews with top South Korean politicians and scientists, this one-hour special takes viewers inside a relentless national effort that at almost every stage seemed faster and better planned than in almost every other country. Top UK experts contrast the South Korean effort with what happened in the UK and highlight what we could learn about how minimize deaths when the UK lockdown ends

"A smartly conceived documentary...showing how how effective current affairs can be without conventional reporting" - The Sunday Times;

"Channel 4’s latest Covid-19 documentary should probably come with its own health warning: watching this may make you furious...clear cogent and informative" - Sunday Telegraph


First Broadcast

May 13, 2020




Krishnan Guru-Murthy

In South Korea:


Jin Jeon

Local Producer

Grace Moon


Hee-seung Chun

Dongmin Jan

Si-young Kim

Jun Michael Park


Kai Lee

Jesse Jun

Hyunkyoung Shin

Kyunghui Hong


Yu-kyung Chang

Inmo Koo

Hyun-jung Lee

Changyang Oh

Hannah Oh

Hyejin Hwang

Hahyeong Ling

In UK:


Hamlin and Jolliffe

Technical Consultant

Paul Hutchings

Post Production

The Edit Store


Roger Highfield

Production Coordinator

Po Yung

Production Manager

Ali Watt

Head of Production

Natalie Triebwasser

Film Editors

Mark Summers

Tom Lowe


Poppy Begum

Executive Producer

Sue Turton

Edit Producer

Richard Sanders

Director & Producer

Flora Bagenal


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