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Eamonn Matthews
Managing Director

+44 (0)1865 596 223

Recent awards as an Executive Producer include a Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award for Iraq Uncovered (PBS Frontline/C4), a 2016 BAFTA and Emmy for Outbreak: The Truth about Ebola (PBS/Frontline/BBC), and a 2016 duPont award for coverage of the ebola outbreak.   Other awards include a 2015 Emmy for The Battle For Ukraine (PBS/Frontline), 2014  Emmy, BAFTA, RTS, Grierson and Broadcast awards for Syria: Across the Lines (C4/PBS/Frontline), a 2013 Emmy and RTS award for Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown (PBS/Frontline/BBC), an Emmy in 2012 for Undercover Syria (PBS/Frontline/C4), another 2012 Emmy for his work as Executive Producer on The Battle for Syria (PBS/Frontline),and a Grierson award in 2011 for Secret Iraq (BBC). In 2010 he won a BAFTA for his work as Executive Producer on the Emmy-nominated documentary Terror in Mumbai.

(C4/HBO: A model of the genre, with a combination of clarity and breathless pace reminiscent …of a Paul Greengrass ‘Bourne’ movie" The New York Times).

As Executive Producer of ‘The Death Squads’ (C4/CNN International) he was part of the team that won the 2007 RTS International Current Affairs Award ("...remarkable..." The Daily Telegraph)In 2006 he won a BAFTA for his role as Executive Producer of ‘Beslan' (C4/WNET/NHK)

(‘incredibly powerful and beautifully constructed…impeccable levels of editorial judgement’ The Observer).

As Series Producer, and then as Executive Producer, he has helped grow the foreign affairs series Unreported World into one of Channel 4’s most acclaimed strands.

(‘One of the handful of programmes that act as a bulwark against the crushing idiocy of television…’ The Times).

Natalie Triebwasser
Head of Production

+44 (0)1865 596 252

Natalie Triebwasser worked in commercials for seven years before moving across to documentaries and current affairs where she gained over 90 credits as a Production Manager.

Before moving across to Head of Production, Natalie managed over 70 Unreported World films for Quicksilver Media, each one requiring high levels of security and logistical planning.

She also has experience of Dispatches (including a high-profile three week fast turnaround), Panorama, and a seven part series for Netflix.

She has managed many hostile environment shoots including Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Pakistan and Ivory Coast as well as many high risk undercover shoots in countries such as Burma, China and Zimbabwe.

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