We make factual and current affairs documentaries for major television broadcasters. Our films have won five Emmys, four BAFTAs, four Royal Television Society Awards, a duPont award, the Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award for International Television, two Grierson documentary awards, and many other major international TV awards.

Killer Ratings/Bandidos na TV (available on Netflix) has been nominated for best documentary series at the upcoming Brazilian Academy of Motion Picture awards.

A new series of Unreported World is available - all episodes available on All4. Schoolgirl Pin-ups investigates the Japanese schoolgirls trying to make it as pop stars, performing in front of audiences who are older and very male. Is it a quirk of Japanese culture or something more sinister? ('Astonishing' - The Times). Trump's Housewives reports on the female movement who idolise President Trump, putting him at the heart of their anti-feminist, traditional family values. ('Jaw dropping' - The Guardian). Swarm Chasers reports on the astonishingly vast locust swarms threatening crops in Kenya. ('...deftly highlights how ordinary people's livelihoods are affected' -The Telegraph) while Nirvana for Sale investigates a controversial international buddhist sect. (Incredible Scenes - The Sun). Death in the Alps joins migrants trekking across the mountains risking hypothermia, frostbite and death. ('Another week..another vital report from abroad' - The Times)

Recently aired: Britain's Coronavirus Catastrophe investigates the key moments which led to the UK lockdown and shaped a British epidemic causing a death toll among the highest in the world. ( 'Essential viewing' - i). The Country that Beat the Virus goes inside South Korea's battle against Coronavirus. What are the lessons for other countries?  ( 'A smartly conceived documentary...showing how effective current affairs can be without conventional reporting' - The Sunday Times). Both are available to watch on All 4

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