We make factual and current affairs documentaries for major television broadcasters. Our films have won five Emmys, four BAFTAs, four Royal Television Society Awards, a duPont award, the Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award for International Television, two Grierson documentary awards, and many other major international TV awards.

Our latest film linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trump's Coronavirus Catastrophe, is now available on All4.   This major documentary, which includes the President's positive diagnosis, is packed with revelations gathered from months of conversations with White House advisors and insiders, whistle-blowers, politicians who’ve worked with Donald Trump, top US scientists, the President’s niece Mary Trump, but also loyal Trump supporters.

Also recently aired on the pandemic: Britain's Coronavirus Catastrophe investigates the key moments which led to the UK lockdown and shaped a British epidemic causing a death toll among the highest in the world. ( 'Essential viewing' - i). The Country that Beat the Virus goes inside South Korea's battle against Coronavirus. What are the lessons for other countries?  ( 'A smartly conceived documentary...showing how effective current affairs can be without conventional reporting' - The Sunday Times). Both are available to watch on All 4

A new series of Unreported World is available - all episodes available on All4. Schoolgirl Pin-ups investigates the Japanese schoolgirls trying to make it as pop stars, performing in front of audiences who are older and very male. Is it a quirk of Japanese culture or something more sinister? ('Astonishing' - The Times). Trump's Housewives reports on the female movement who idolise President Trump, putting him at the heart of their anti-feminist, traditional family values. ('Jaw dropping' - The Guardian). Swarm Chasers reports on the astonishingly vast locust swarms threatening crops in Kenya. ('...deftly highlights how ordinary people's livelihoods are affected' -The Telegraph) while Nirvana for Sale investigates a controversial international buddhist sect. (Incredible Scenes - The Sun). Death in the Alps joins migrants trekking across the mountains risking hypothermia, frostbite and death. ('Another week..another vital report from abroad' - The Times)

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