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We make factual and current affairs documentaries for major television broadcasters. Our films have won five Emmys, four BAFTAs, four Royal Television Society Awards, a duPont award, the Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award for International Television, two Grierson documentary awards, and many other major international TV awards.

We're continuing to investigate and document the Covid-19 pandemic. Our latest film, a collaboration with Caravan Media, is a feature length documentary directed by Colette Camden and produced by Flora Bagenal: The Anti-Vax Conspiracy. (View on All4.) (C4/ARTE) Also new is Second Wave: Did the Government get it Wrong? which investigates why two thirds of the UK’s Covid deaths come after September 2020. ((View on All4)

Lockdown Chaos: How the Government Lost Control  investigates why the UK's £12bn test and trace system couldn't stop a second wave of infection, the secretive contracts given to the companies operating the system, and goes undercover inside one of the UK's largest Covid-19 testing laboratories. (View on All4.)   

Trump's Coronavirus Catastrophe is also on All4.   This major documentary, which includes the story of the President's positive diagnosis, is packed with revelations gathered from months of conversations with White House advisors and insiders, whistle-blowers, politicians who’ve worked with Donald Trump, top US scientists, the President’s niece Mary Trump, and also loyal Trump supporters.

Britain's Coronavirus Catastrophe investigates the key moments which led to the UK lockdown and shaped a British epidemic causing a death toll among the highest in the world. ( 'Essential viewing' - i). The Country that Beat the Virus goes inside South Korea's battle against Coronavirus. What are the lessons for other countries?  ( 'A smartly conceived documentary...showing how effective current affairs can be without conventional reporting' - The Sunday Times). Both are available to watch on All 4

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