Britain’s £400bn Covid Bill: Who Will Pay?

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Politicians say there's no such thing as a Magic Money Tree. So how will Britain pay its £400bn Covid bill?

With lockdown Britain enduring the worst economic nosedive in centuries, Liam Halligan investigates the pandemic's soaring financial cost and asks: who will pay for Covid?

Halligan analyses the options facing Chancellor Rishi Sunak and concludes that rather than  tax cuts and austerity, Sunak's best option is to borrow even more and spend to revitalise the economy. It's a high stakes gamble, fraught with danger.

The film, directed by Mark Alden, included specially commissioned research revealing the number of UK households in destitution more than doubled during 2020. The film also revealed government unemployment figures under-reported the true level of unemployment. The result was  front page headlines and  widespread media comment.

First Broadcast

February 22, 2021



Written and Presented by
Liam Halligan
With special thanks to magician
Jamie Raven
Diego Ghirardo
Production Coordinators
Michelle Murchan
Po Yung
Production Manager
Ali Watt
Head of Production
Natalie Triebwasser
Niamh Lynch
Assistant Producer
Lindsey Hammond
Jonathan Callery
Harriet Leaf
Film Editor
Dani Jacobs
Executive Producer
Eamonn Matthews
Directed and Produced by
Mark Alden


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