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Who we are

Quicksilver Media (‘Quicksilver Media’, ‘we’, ‘us’,‘our’) is an independent television production company based in Oxford.  Our office is at 60 St Aldate’s, Oxford, OX1 1ST. Quicksilver Media is committed to protecting the privacy of others and complying with all relevant data protection laws and regulations.  This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect and use information about individuals, including those who are involved in the programmes that we make. Please contact Quicksilver Media’s Head of Production if you have any questions or concerns: natalie.triebwasser@qsmedia.tv.


Why we collect your information and how we use it

We collect your information for a variety of operational reasons including;

  • Personal details including next of kin in case of emergency
  • Bank details, national insurance number and (where relevant) unique tax reference in order to pay you
  • Your cv and references in order to recruit, or to get approval from broadcasters to hire you
  • Details of your experience and medical history for insurance purposes
  • Proof of right to work in the UK so that we are compliant with HMRC
  • DBS checks if you are working with children
  • Passport and vaccination records if travelling abroad whilst working for us
  • To monitor the health and wellbeing of our cast and crew - particulalrly in regard to Covid-19.
  • Operating and managing our business effectively and lawfully

Who we share your information with and why

We are careful with who we share your information with, and ensure it is only when absolutely necessary. People we might share you information with are;

  • Our accountants - in order to process payments to you and where necessary pension and other payroll needs.
  • Our insurance company - in order to provide personal accident and production insurance cover where relevant.
  • The broadcaster of the programme you are hired to work on, are appearing in, are being interviewed for, or are being considered for.
  • Our I.T. company - in order to facilitate access to email addresses and files relevant to the programme(s) you are working on.
  • Diamond – the creative diversity network which requires us - with the individual’s consent - to provide email addresses of people who work on our programmes.
  • Foreign embassies if applying for visas or permits on your behalf.
  • Disclosure Scotland - for DBS checks.
  • Post-production houses, sales agents, and distributors that are involved with the production or sale of the programme you are working on.
  • Broadcasting regulators e.g. Ofcom
  • The police or other regulatory bodies as required by law in connection with the investigation of crimes.
  • Government agencies in connection with any Covid-19 required information - such as for the purposes of Track and Trace.

Where we store your information and how we protect it

 All company data is stored securely on our server, and backed up both via the cloud and an encrypted drive that is kept securely offsite.


How long we retain your data

Personal data that we process for any purpose or purposes shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes. We may keep a CV or other recruitment information you have sent us on file for possible future recruitment purposes. We may keep your data once your contract with us has ended, as you may return for another project in the future. If you do not want us to store your data after your contract has ended or after you have sent your CV or other information to us, please let the Head of Production know.

Natalie Triebwasser
Head of Production

+44 (0)1865 596 252

Date last amended 20/11/2019

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