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It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world working with those infected with Ebola. Unreported World is with the health workers of Sierra Leone's first dedicated Ebola treatment centre, run by a Medecins Sans Frontieres. In the Ebola zone for two weeks, Reporter Shaunagh Connaire and Director Wael Dabbous witnessed tragedy, courage, and some amazing stories of recovery.

"A makeshift jungle hospital – tents, corrugated iron roofs and bright orange barriers – looks more like some kind of sinister detention centre. The people here are even more sinister-looking, in orange plastic suits, white boots, green gloves, headdresses, masks, ski goggles, and not an inch of actual person visible; they could be aliens. But these are the staff, the doctors. They’re like this because we’re in Sierra Leone and this is Unreported World: Surviving Ebola (Channel 4)."

Read Sam Wollaston's Guardian review here:

First Broadcast

September 26, 2014



Producer Director: Wael Dabbous

Journalist: Shaunagh Connaire


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