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Winner 2012 Rory Peck Awards: Sony Impact Award Unreported world reveals the secret war being fought by the Sudanese Government in the Nuba mountains, and the appalling suffering of civilians trapped in the violence.

Aidan Hartley and Daniel Bogado gained rare access to the Nuba \Mountains to film the heroic doctors who are saving children in a \largely hidden war being perpetrated on civilians by one of the world's \most brutal dictatorships.

The Nuba Mountains region, in the \South Kordofan oil fields upriver from Khartoum, is a troubled part of \Sudan where a civil war has continued since the 1980s.

Nuba \always fought alongside its southern black African Christian neighbours \against the Arab Islamic regime in Khartoum, but the region was left \behind in the peace accord that led to the independence of South Sudan \in mid-2011.

In June 2011, President Omar al-Bashir's forces \launched fresh attacks against opposition supporters in Nuba, many of \them Christians and black Africans.

The Unreported World team \highlights how government forces are carrying out almost constant aerial\ bombardment of civilian settlements, driving them from their fields so \they cannot grow crops, while banning relief deliveries by international\ agencies.

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2012 Rory Peck Trust Awards - Winner of the Sony Impact Award

First Broadcast

April 13, 2012



Producer Director

Daniel Bogado


Aidan Hartley

Executive Producer

Eamonn Matthews


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