Somalia: Hearts, Minds and Holy War

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Unreported World

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From Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, Reporter Aidan Hartley and director Robin Barnwell provide an eye-opening account of the most successful Islamic revolution to happen in the world since 9/11, and the setting up of a new Taliban-style state that threatens to export war to the entire horn of Africa.

Westerners are completely absent from Mogadishu, and Barnwell and Hartley are forced to work under constant threat of assassination from various factions. It's immediately clear that militants, known as the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) have seized the capital and are extending their power through both the gun barrel and religious persuasion. While Western powers failed to bring law and order to even a few blocks of Mogadishu and rescue Somalia from years of anarchy and 500,000 deaths, Unreported World shows how UIC has been winning the hearts and minds of ordinary Somalis by quickly bringing about a real improvement to their lives...

“an important dispatch from a quite literally unreported corner of the world…. a fine way to end another superlative series”
- The Observer

First Broadcast

October 6, 2006



Producer Director

Robin Barnwell


Aidan Hartley

Executive Producer

Eamonn Matthews


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