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Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is one of the world's most overpopulated cities.

Reporter Jenny Kleeman and director Richard\Cookson find the Philippine capital stretched to breaking point, with\mothers four to a bed in maternity wards, primary schools with a\thousand children in each year, and graveyards with no more room to\bury the dead. As the world faces an overpopulation crisis, Manila\provides a vision of what might become ordinary in the not too distant\future.

\‘Extraordinary scenes…Reporter Jenny Kleeman gets thoroughly involved\as usual - marching bravely into places, spending the night with a\family in a precarious shanty town, doing proper journalism. In a way,\it's a kind of holiday - she's usually in a war zone. I wonder if\Kleeman ever goes on a spa break, or a beach holiday. I hope so.'
\ - The Guardian\

\'A shocking exploration of where the world is going'
\ - Observer

First Broadcast

October 15, 2010



Producer Director

Richard Cookson


Jenny Kleeman

Executive Producer

Eamonn Matthews


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