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The strike that killed Osama bin Laden provided a glimpse of the vast and often secret campaign by US special forces and troops to kill thousands of Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters.

They call it 'precision targeting'; their critics say it's assassination.

This film goes inside the US 'kill/capture' programme to investigate the strategy's impact, and its costs. "If you are trying to take down an industrial-strength insurgency, you take away its safe havens, you take away its leaders by detaining them or in some cases killing them," says General David Petraeus of his decision to step up the kill/capture missions after he took command in Afghanistan.

The military says that these operations have led to the death or detention of more than 12,000 Taliban insurgents over the past 12 months. The film includes interviews with both key US figures and Taliban commanders and fighters. 

Reporter: Stephen Grey 
Produced and Directed: Dan Edge 
Afghanistan Producer: Shoaib Sharifi

'It was a coup to land an interview with Petraeus, yet rather more of a coup to bag an interview with a regional Taliban commander, who made the predictable but nevertheless blood-chilling forecast that as many militants as the US and its allies kill, so the dead will in turn be avenged by their children.' 
- The Independent 

First Broadcast

June 6, 2011



Producer Director

Dan Edge/Shoaib Sharifi


Stephen Grey


Alex Archer

Executive Producer

Eamonn Matthews


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