Ben Elton: The Great Railway Disaster

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Comedian and writer Ben Elton investigates what's gone wrong with Britain's Railways.

The railways are in crisis, with mass cancellations and soaring prices. Comedian and writer Ben Elton embarks on a northern train misadventure to discover what’s going wrong – and uncovers a situation almost beyond parody. In a film packed with revelations (and some rather good jokes), he concludes that thirty years after the government sold off British Rail, privatisation is an experiment that’s gone badly wrong.  Taxpayers are handing over more in subsidy, fares are more expensive and services less reliable. He calls for change, arguing that governments should think about the railways not as a drain on the public purse but as a crucial tool to spread prosperity. “Our European competitors understand that the “profit” from efficient, affordable rail travel doesn’t come from the ticket price. It comes from a booming economy, connected communities, a cleaner environment.” Made in collaboration with @RumpusMedia

The Times in its four star review praised the documentary as, "incisive, entertaining and correct...mixing the right amount of comedy with grim, depressing reality."

First Broadcast

June 26, 2023



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Ben Elton

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