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Afghanistan - No Country For Women (60'/ITV ): After the Taliban's public promises of change, Ramita Navai powerfully exposes the reality of life for women under their rule. Navai secretly films in a jail where she discovers women being held by the Taliban without trial or charge, their fate often unknown to their families. She uncovers evidence of Taliban officials using violence to forcibly marry young girls and accompanies an underground network of female activists on dangerous missions to rescue women hunted by the Taliban. Navai also joins a women’s protest that is broken up by their security forces. Often made undercover, her film shows the regime’s control of women’s lives tightening, with many of the defiant voices in the film ultimately being arrested or fleeing abroad. The Wall Street Journal says the film, "...calls into question not just the legitimacy but the competence of the current Afghan regime."

Afghanistan - No Country For Women won prestigious Rose d'Or and Grierson Awards. The Grierson judges said: “This film stood out as important, gripping and well-made television with incredible access in difficult and complex circumstances. It raised big issues and the journalist took viewers into the piece with real empathy and skill. The reporter and filmmaking team deserve recognition for an amazing and memorable film. But, even more, the women that participated, and are still living that life, deserve the recognition too. For her work on this film, correspondent Ramita Navai won the Royal Television Society's presenter of the year award. The judges said she “delivered truly compelling television, drawing viewers in with an astonishing depth of knowledge on the subject.”

An updated reversion of the film, to mark the first anniversary of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, was aired in the US  as Afghanistan Undercover (60'/GBH Frontline).

First Broadcast

May 8, 2022


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Ramita Navai

Music Composed by

Bonar Bradberry

Senior Post Producer

Anna Beaven

Finishing Editor

Paul Ingvarsson

Dubbing Mixer

David Ingram

Production Coordinator

Emma Bellars

Production Manager

Ali Watt

Head of Production

Fran Peters

Legal and Compliance for ITV

Mark Sunderland

Film Editor

Mark Summers

Commissioning Editor for ITV

Tom Giles

Executive Producers

Eamonn Matthews

Ramita Navai


Filmed and Produced and Directed by

Karim Shah

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