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Manhunt: Closing in on a British Paedophile: Channel 4, Other Films, December 16, 2014Correspondent Cathy Newman and director Wael Dabbous tell the story of a landmark police investigation that led to the conviction of a man described by police as one of Britain's most prolific paedophiles.  It was the first time a British man had been convicted for sex offences carried out in Africa, and only the third time an offender has been prosecuted for sex crimes committed abroad.   The documentary was made by Quicksilver in association with C4 News/ITN

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Selling Off Britain: Channel 4, Other Films, March 21, 2015Will Hutton argues British business leaders and politicians are selling off the country's best companies for quick profits, in takeovers that wouldn't be allowed in other countries. The result? A dumbed-down, low-wage Britain.

Channel 4  

The City That Beat ISIS: Channel 4, Unreported World, March 27, 2015Reporter Kiki King and director James Brabazon are smuggled into the Syrian town of Kobani while it's besieged and partly occupied by ISIS. 

James Jones's powerful film for PBS Frontline, The Battle for Ukraine, has just won a 2015 Emmy.  

Outbreak, the vivid inside story of the Ebola outbreak, premiered May 5 on WGBH Frontline. The Wall Street Journal says once you start watching 'It is impossible to look away'.  Variety says it's a 'Cinematic thriller'. Made in association with Mongoose Films. The film will broadcast on BBC2 at 9pm on June 1.

The latest Unreported World (TX May 22) is Miss Crimea, Marcel Theroux's take on life under Putin in the annexed province. It's the last in the current run; the Telegraph says this has been a 'consistently excellent series.' 

You can watch current and past Unreported World films at and

Over the last six years different films we've made here at Quicksilver have won prestigious awards, including three Emmys, two BAFTAs, a BAFTA for best director, three Royal Television Society Awards for International Current Affairs, an RTS for best editor, a Broadcast award for best documentary, two Grierson awards, the Banff World Television Festival Award for Best Political Documentary, a Wincott award for best TV current affairs, the One World Media Award for Children's Rights, the Rory Peck Features Award and the Rory Peck Impact Award. We are committed to journalism and film making of the highest standard.

The broadcasters we’ve worked with include Channel 4, BBC, PBS (WGBH/Frontline), HBO and CNN.

Syria Behind The Lines (US); Syria Across the Lines (UK)"There are not that many programmes on television that demand to be seen, but this is one of them. - The Times"Syria Across the Lines

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