The Girl Who Lost Her Face

Channel 4: Unreported World

Giles Duley visits a remarkable clinic for victims of acid attacks in Bangladesh, and follows one young victim as she rebuilds her life, and the inspirational team helping her.

Eighteen-year-old Shumi Akhtar hasn't left her hospital room in eight months. Her boyfriend is accused of having acid thrown at her after she turned down his proposal of marriage. Director Lesley Knott and reporter Giles Duley - who has his own experience of life-changing injuries, after a near-fatal encounter with an IED in Afghanistan – spend two weeks with Shumi. Her clinic is run by the Acid Survivors' Foundation which specialises in these injuries inflicted on an average of one woman a week. Can she be persuaded to venture out for the first time?

‘…as moving and compelling and enraging as you would expect, given the subject matter and the Unreported World pedigree’ - The Guardian
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