Syria's Rebel Doctor

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Reporter Evan Williams and director James Brabazon meet the NHS doctor who is risking his life by providing frontline medical care to the victims of the worsening conflict in Syria. Dr Rami Habib is a pediatrician normally based in Leicester. He’s now living in the northern Syrian town of Salma, which is bombed and shelled by government forces almost every day.  But he’s determined to stay and keep the hospital going.

Salma used to be a holiday destination. Dr Habib had bought his parents a flat in the town and was visiting two years ago when war erupted. He took the difficult decision not to return to his wife in the UK and instead to stay in Syria to ensure that Salma had a doctor. 

The Unreported World team travels with Dr Habib as he crosses the border from Turkey, bringing lifesaving medical supplies for the hospital.  Travelling by road is extremely dangerous as vehicles are targeted by government troops; and the last 500m into Salma are the most dangerous.  To avoid detection, they’re forced to travel this last section by night without lights.

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