Sudan: Meet the Janjaweed

Channel 4: Unreported World

After a hazardous journey reporter Nima Elbagir and producer Andrew Carter gain unprecedented access to the Janjaweed, the Arab militia blamed for the atrocities in Darfur.

After finding a pilot willing to land his plane on a makeshift airstrip in southern Darfur, the team travelled for three days along back routes and donkey-cart tracks to reach Commander Muhammad Hamdan and his garrison of heavily armed militia. It's the first time he and his fighters have sat down with foreigners. Contrary to denials by the Sudanese Government, Hamdan tells her that his men were a regiment of the Sudanese Army, receiving orders from President Omar al-Bashir. His men were armed with weapons - many of them Chinese made - by the Sudanese government up until October 2007 in what appears to be a clear violation of the UN arms embargo.

- The Sunday Times

"A scoop for this valuable strand"
- The Times

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