South Africa: Trouble in the Townships

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Correspondent Krishnan Guru-Murthy and producer Alex Nott report from South Africa.

Seventeen years after apartheid, it's a country plagued by violent protests, riddled with corruption and hanging in the balance. Modern, fast-growing Jo'burg is the centre of Africa's biggest economy, yet home to a desperately poor underclass and 182 squatter camps. Guru-Murthy visits one of the biggest and most dangerous, Diepsloot - home to 200,000 people and ruled by mob justice - where they go undercover and expose shockingly crooked local government officials. The investigative team then turns its attention to the man many tip as a future president: Julius Malema, president of the ANC's Youth League. Exactly how is he building a £1.5m mansion on his modest ANC salary?

'Ongoing journalistic peerlessness'
- Daily Guardian

- The Observer
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