South Africa: Children of the Lost Generation

Channel 4: Unreported World

Reporter Sam Kiley and Producer Paul Kittel travel to the Cape Flats in South Africa, an impoverished township created by apartheid in the swamps and sand dunes outside Cape Town, which is now in the grip of a crystal methamphetamine drug epidemic. "Tic" is smoked through a glass pipe known as a lolly; it is easy to get hold of, simple to prepare and highly addictive.

In South Africa it comes from the Chinese triads, who sell it in exchange for abalone shellfish. One in five South Africans is HIV-positive and there is 40 per cent unemployment in the Cape Flats. The drug has produced a sharp rise in psychiatric problems and a 200 per cent surge in drug-related crime in one year. Thirteen years of freedom in South Africa have not translated into prosperity for all and Cape Town epitomises the problems faced by the majority, in a country where someone is murdered every 30 minutes.…

“This film manages to stay true to the strand's title with clarity and compassion.”
- Sunday Times

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