Saving Kenya's Street Kids

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Aidan Hartley reports from his home town in Kenya on an extraordinary project to rescue the children who live on its streets.  Together with director Wael Dabbous, Hartley highlights the inspiring work of the Restart Centre in Gilgil, which is providing a safe shelter for children at risk.

The Restart Centre is run on a shoestring budget raised from private donations. Conditions are basic, but crucially, it represents safety for the 70 children who live there. Many of them ended up living rough as result of the bloody chaos which engulfed Kenya following disputed elections five years ago. More than a thousand people were killed, many families were broken up and countless thousands were made homeless.

Hartley and Dabbous follow Restart worker Dan Nderitu, who spends his nights seeking out Gilgil’s street children. The first time they meet him, he's in a race against time to rescue two small boys: Ken, seven, and his ten-year-old brother Julius. Ken and Julius’ family have sunk into extreme poverty. Their mother abandoned them and a year ago they began sleeping rough.  

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