Nigeria: Fire in the Delta

Channel 4: Unreported World

Last year the Nigerian government earned $45 billion in oil revenue – but most people in Nigeria’s southern delta, the source of the country’s vast oil wealth, struggle to survive on less than a dollar a day.

Instead of prosperity the delta’s black gold has brought its people corruption, crime, pollution and, now, civil war. Paramilitary insurgents fighting for a share of the riches kidnap oil workers, attack refineries and sell stolen oil on the black market. Matt McAllester and director Tim Hetherington travel up-river into the heart of the conflict where they meet the rebels and the impoverished people they claim to be fighting for.

“…extremely brave…”
- The Guardian

“…a sobering piece of reportage…”
- The Telegraph

“A well told story about a tragic situation.”
- The Sunday Times

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Nigeria: Fire in the Delta, Channel 4: Unreported World | Quicksilver Media