Nepal: The Living Dead

Channel 4: Unreported World

Reporter Yemi Ipaye and director Katherine Chrucher travel to Nepal to report on the fate of child widows who are being ostracised from society.

In a country where child marriage is widespread they find widows as young as thirteen being forced into servitude or prostitution, and subject to physical abuse by their relatives who treat them with total disdain. The team investigates how an unprecedented battle has arisen between the government, who are offering to pay men to marry widows, and the widows of Nepal who refuse to be treated as a commodity.

"A powerful film from reporter Yemi Ipaye and director Katherine Churcher about the plight of Nepal's child widows, many of whom face abuse and servitude for the rest of their lives."
- The Observer

"Without Unreported World, such horrors would go unnoticed."
- The Times

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