Mugabe’s Reign of Terror

Channel 4: Unreported World

Foreign journalists are largely banned in Zimbabwe but Reporter Evan Williams and Producer Siobhan Sinnerton travelled undercover for three weeks through the country.

Travelling through the country and dodging President Robert Mugabe's security forces, they meet members of the political opposition, women who have been tortured and families struggling with an inflation rate of 2,000 per cent. Among the worst hit are children in the countryside orphaned by the Aids pandemic, and there is evidence to suggest that the Mugabe Government is using the supply of antiretroviral drugs for HIV and food aid to gerrymander upcoming elections.

"Urgent, troubling television of the highest standard."
- The Observer

"This documentary series remains one of the most worthwhile strands on TV -one of the few that is not spoilt by the quest for ratings."
- The Times

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