Miss Crimea

Channel 4: Unreported World : Unreported World

It’s a year since Russian forces annexed Crimea, and Marcel Theroux and director
Nick Sturdee travel to the region to see how becoming Russian has changed life for ordinary Crimeans.


Theroux watches schoolchildren from the “Palace of Youthful Creativity” rehearse a synchronised dance to a song with the lyrics “My motherland! My Russia! My soul!” – so far, so Soviet.

But he also meets Nazly Seitablayeva, a Crimean Tatar whose father Akhtem, a director and actor, opposes the annexation and lives in Ukraine in exile. Nazly has entered the Miss Crimea beauty pageant, hoping to be the first Tatar to win, proving that she still has a place – and a future – in the new Crimea
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