The Abandoned

Channel 4: Unreported World

Reporter Ade Adepitan and director Daniel Bogado join a remarkable group of former patients of Mexico City’s mental health institutions as they investigate the horrific and inhumane conditions endured by thousands of men and women known as ‘The Abandoned.’

Thirteen years ago, an investigation by Disability Rights International documented atrocious conditions inside psychiatric institutions in Mexico. The government promised to act and spearheaded the creation of a UN convention to –protect the rights of the disabled.

However Unreported World reveals the situation for many patients is still horrific. Thousands have been abandoned by families who have been unable to afford the high cost of drugs or cope with the effects of their disability. They spend their days in deeply disturbing conditions, with nothing to do and no meaningful treatment or rehabilitation. Without families to help, it’s effectively a life sentence. 

One group of extraordinary people is fighting to change the situation.  What makes Colectivo Chuhcan unique is that its members are themselves battling severe mental health difficulties.  

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