Making Brazil Beautiful

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Reporter Seyi Rhodes and producer Suemay Oram travel to Rio de Janeiro to report on the huge growth in cosmetic plastic surgery. 

Unreported World reveals that even poor women living in favelas are able achieve the Brazilian body beautiful through subsidised or free cosmetic surgery provided by plastic surgeons who feel all Brazilians have a right to be beautiful - even on the country's Public Health Service.

In Brazil, plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons is not frowned on like it can be in the UK. In fact, having a surgically enhanced body is sometimes seen as a status symbol. As a result, the number of surgeries offering cosmetic enhancement has grown by thirty per cent over the last two years and there are now ten times more plastic surgeons in Brazil than the UK. Brazil is second only to the USA in the number of plastic surgery operations carried out each year.

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- The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday
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