Liberia: Stolen Childhood

Channel 4: Unreported World

This week's Unreported World travels to Liberia, a country where during the civil war rape was systematically used as a weapon to terrorise the country's children.

Six years on, reporter Jenny Kleeman and director Matt Hann investigate how child rape is still common place with a quarter of the victims, shockingly, under four years old. The team finds a culture of impunity and a nation where men are seeking out young girls to have sex with-leaving a generation of traumatized children.

"Reporter Jenny Kleeman and director Matt Haan have produced a shocking film which documents the legacy of a lawless, rape-at-will culture which existed during the conflict in which children were seen as sexual objects. Worthy of an award."
- The Observer

"Jenny Kleeman's report on the epidemic of child rape in Liberia is doubly devastating for the calmness of its delivery - this is not a story that needs embellishing with a reporter's disgust and indignation"
- The Times

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