Japan: Red Sun Rising

Channel 4: Unreported World | PBS

This week's Unreported World travels to Japan to reveal the rise of an increasingly influential extreme right-wing nationalist movement; a movement which - faced with a rising China and belligerent North Korea - is trying to persuade the government to rewrite Japan's pacifist constitution and become a nuclear power.

Reporter Evan Williams and director Edward Watts meet hardcore nationalist groups, allegedly funded and controlled by an alliance of mafia bosses and nationalist politicians, who have been accused of using intimidation, arson and physical violence to enforce their vision of a patriotic Japan.

They're calling for Japan to become a military as well as economic superpower; with an army freed from the constraints imposed by the Allies after World War Two and armed with nuclear weapons. And they want atrocities committed by the army written out of the history taught in the country's schools.

Despite allegations that this movement is partly funded by the Yakuza, some believe it has the ear of new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.…

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