ISIS and The Battle for Iraq (US: Iraq Uncovered)

Channel 4: Dispatches | PBS : Frontline

In ISIS: The Battle for Iraq (C4 UK version)/Iraq Uncovered (US WGBH Frontline version) Ramita Navai, Patrick Wells and Mais Al-Bayaa make a dangerous and revealing journey inside the war-torn country – investigating allegations of abuse of Sunni Muslim civilians by powerful Shia militias.  ‘Brave and important documentary-making’ - the Daily Telegraph

Winner, Robert F Kennedy Journalism award. Winner, Foreign Affairs Journalism, British Press Awards. Winner Broadcast Award, Frontline Club Awards. 

With rare on-the- ground access, the film is a stunning look at a side of the war in Iraq that’s rarely seen – and of what may lie ahead. ‘The black flags of the Islamic State are coming down in Mosul, prisoners are being released, citizens freed… But when the documentary “Frontline: Iraq Uncovered” goes where most American media do not anymore, i.e. outside the studio and into the battlefields of Iraq, it finds a different story.’ – LA Times.  Correspondent: Ramita Navai. Directed and Filmed by Patrick Wells. Producers: Mais Al-Bayaa, Ramita Navai, Patrick Wells. 

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