Iraq's Next Battlefield

Channel 4: Unreported World

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As the US finally prepares to withdraw from Iraq, a new era is dawning. However, it's unlikely to be a peaceful one.

The northern oil rich region threatens to spill into full-blown civil war once the troops leave. Reporter Evan Williams and director Matt Haan begin their dangerous journey in Mosul, right on the Arab-Kurd divide and always a hotbed of resistance to Western forces. It remains Iraq's most dangerous city, with 50-plus murders per month, and is trying in vain to move over to civil self policing. Sectarian murders are rife – including killings of Christians. Security forces are occupied fighting Sunni insurgents who want to destabilise the Shia Muslim ruling majority, and then there’s the militia called the Church Guardians, which has taken up arms to protect Christians. 

 'Shocking…it looks as if it will be a long time until Iraq will be at'
- Daily Telegraph
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