India: India’s Hidden War

Channel 4: Unreported World

Reporter Sandra Jordan and Director James Brabazon travel deep into the Indian jungle to expose how India’s booming economy is fuelling an increasingly bloody civil war in the country’s neglected rural heartland.

Government backed militias battle Maoist guerrillas for control of central India’s vast mineral resources, with hundreds of thousands of tribal villagers are caught in the crossfire. Jordan and Brabazon work relentlessly to capture every angle of this complex struggle, filming with government militias, disenfranchised villagers, steel workers and finally trekking for days to film in the secret camps of the Maoist rebels.

“… excellent… a hidden jewel in the schedule.”
- The Guardian

“Sandra Jordan's a tough nut - makes Kate Adie, Orla Guerin and Janine di Giovanni look like the 3am Girls. I think she has the Lonely Planet Guide to the World's Really Scary Places, and she's working her way round them. She is one serious lady.”
- The Guardian

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