India: Children of the Inferno

Channel 4: Unreported World

Reporter Aidan Hartley and director Edward Watts travel to the town of Jharia, eastern India, whose 85,000 inhabitants live in a hell on earth.

Coalfields beneath the town burn out of control: flames burst through the floors of houses, and sulphurous smoke chokes the streets. The fires exact a terrible human price as entire homes, and the people in them, are swallowed by the inferno.

"This week's programme reveals a vision of hell where the earth is literally on fire, as vast subterranean coal fires burn out of control beneath towns and villages"
-The Observer

"It is very easy for very important stories to go missing in a country as vast, populated, diverse and bewildering as India, but the one Aidan Hartley tells in this episode illuminates one of the most crucial."
- The Guardian

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