How to lose Seven Billion Pounds

Channel 4: Dispatches

Liam Halligan unfolds the dramatic story of Carillion, the UK's second-largest construction firm built on billions of pounds of public money, that imploded in January 2018: a collapse that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called 'a watershed moment'. Winner, 2019 Wincott Awards for Business Reporting

 "Excellent…Dispatches: How to Lose Seven Billion Pounds should be repeated week in, week out, lest our memory and anger at what happened at Carillion fades"– The Times

 Using new testimony from insiders across the City and Whitehall, as well as Carillion itself, Halligan's investigation reveals that Carillion constructed a fortress of phony profits, while hiding mounting debts with aggressive accounting. The UK’s longest-ever serving auditor general Sir John Bourne, says Carillion on was “like a Ponzi scheme” and subject to “inadequate” Government scrutiny.

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