Hong Kong's Tiger Tutors

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Unreported World travels to Hong Kong to meet the students aiming for success in one of the most competitive exam environments in the world. And they meet one of its surprising beneficiaries – the millionaire, Lamborghini driving “super tutor” who has made his fortune from parents desperate to get their kids into university.  

Reporter Marcel Theroux and Director Lottie Gammon meet “Tutor King” Richard Eng, who’s made his fortune coaching school students to get through the final year Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). The team films him in action at Beacon College - whose 40,000 students come from schools all over Hong Kong, doing long evening classes on top of a full day at school. 

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- The Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Oberserver The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times

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