Greece: The Unwanted

Channel 4: Unreported World

Reporter Jenny Kleeman and director Jacob Waite travel to the European Union's eastern border where hundreds of thousands of Afghan migrants are illegally making their way to our shores in a desperate bid to start a new life in Europe.

The team follows their perilous journey as migrants stow themselves in lorries and risk their lives in rickety boats crossing the seas. They investigate how unsanitary and overcrowded the detention centres are in Greece, the dismal life that awaits the migrants that do make it to Athens and the hardships faced by those hoping to settle elsewhere in Europe

"In another exemplary dispatch reporter Jenny Kleeman and director Jacob White travel to the EU's eastern border, to the illicit crossing points for thousands of Afghans making their way to Europe, in most cases to escape the scourge of the Taliban... Important, committed, responsible journalism"
- The Observer

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