Gaza's Property Ladder

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Reporter Seyi Rhodes and producer Daniel Bogado travel to Gaza to reveal what must be one of the world's most unlikely property booms. And in this war-torn territory, “Location, Location, Location” means finding an apartment in one of the highly sought after areas which are usually not shelled or hit by missiles – as well as close to a good school and shops.

The Unreported World team meets Essam Mortja, an estate agent and property developer who says his property business is booming. He shows them some of the glitzy properties he's helped sell at prices of up to US$3 million. Property prices for luxury villas and apartments in elite areas like El Remal are on par with London and New York. 

Essam explains to the team how the conflict with Israel has actually been a driving force behind this incredible real estate boom. Israel’s blockade against Hamas means that movement of people and goods are restricted.  Two million Palestinians are trapped in this 25 mile strip of land, making it one of the world’s most crowded places. So any place with low supply and high demand will see prices go up. But also, every time there’s conflict Israel destroys some homes, which worsens the housing shortage and drives prices up even further. 

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