End of the Elephant?

Channel 4: Unreported World

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Reporter Aidan Hartley and Director Alex Nott reports on the upsurge of ivory smuggling in Kenya and Tanzania that feeds the black market in Asia.

Posing as a potential client, Hartley secretly films an ivory trader in Dar es Salaam, who offers to sell him a ton of ivory worth more than $1 million. The trader claims to know a corrupt security official at the airport. "If you have enough money," he says, "anything is possible." In an extraordinary allegation, the trader also says that when President Hu Jintao of China came to Tanzania in 2009 on a state visit, his officials left with 200kg of smuggled ivory. Since 2006, scientists estimate that 56,000 elephants have been shot in Tanzania. 

'Channel 4's excellent foreign-affairs strand returns with Aidan Hartley's report on how the Chinese presence in east Africa has led to a huge increase in elephant poaching.'
- Independent

‘The sight of tuskless elephant carcasses, swarming with flies, or underground store-rooms housing mountains of torn-out tusks won't be easily forgotten.’
-The Guardian

‘‘The bullet-riddled carcasses of elephants, among them babies and pregnant mothers…are shocking evidence of the rise of ivory poaching in Africa’
- The Observer
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