Apac: Malaria Town

Channel 4: Unreported World

Apac in northern Uganda has been dubbed "the malaria capital of the world".

Its mosquito-infested swamps mean that the town's residents are like a living blood bank for the insects, with people bitten on average six times a night. Reporter Oliver Steeds and director Will West find that the local hospital can't handle the 5,000 malaria patients that turn up each week and has run out of medicine despite Uganda receiving £ 20m of antimalarial drugs from the international community. They discover many of the drugs are sold on the black market. A stark assessment of the situation comes from the hospital's pharmacist: "If you can't pay for the drugs, you die." Meanwhile, local farmers are caught in a hideous bind: spraying crops with mosquito-repelling insecticide will help save lives, but it also renders their crops unsellable to European supermarkets.

'Nothing, it seems, is ever simple, and as ever Unreported World made a fine job of showing us how'
- The Guardian

'The first in a new run of the fine foreign affairs strand'
- Telegraph
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