Afghanistan's Child Drug Addicts

Channel 4: Unreported World

While the world's focus is on the fight against the Taliban, Unreported World reveals a hidden result of the conflict in Afghanistan: a huge rise in the number of children addicted to opium and heroin.

Afghanistan is now believed to have the youngest drug addicted population in the world. Reporter Ramita Navai and director Matt Haan discover the epidemic is a direct consequence of the war. In Kabul, children orphaned by the fighting turn to heroin to blot out the psychological impact of their loss. In shantytowns, refugees from Helmand feed their wounded children opium to relieve the pain. Navai also visits families of addicts in the remote mountainous region of Badakhshan. Here, villagers smoke opium to suppress their appetite. It's cheaper to buy drugs than food.

'Just when you think you can't be shocked by anything coming out of Afghanistan anymore, along comes Ramita Navai's documentary’
- Independent

- The Guardian
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