Afghanistan: Never Mind the Taliban

Channel 4: Unreported World

Kate Clark and director Tom Porter report from northern Afghanistan where, five years after the fall of the Taliban, Western intervention has produced a mafia-style state whose economy revolves around the drugs trade.

Even in the north, where there is no threat from insurgents, it is too dangerous for a foreigner to travel. According to locals, the danger does not come from the Taliban, but from local commanders of the old Northern Alliance who are disenchanted with NATO forces. Allegations of corruption are rife. A farmer growing opium poppy claims he has to pay up to 20 per cent of the sale price to the district governor. Commanders from the old Northern Alliance are importing weapons, rearming themselves and selling weapons to their old enemy, the Taliban. Meanwhile, British and other NATO soldiers continue to die in defence of the country.…

“A must”
- The Observer

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