Abkhazia: Valley of the Lost

Channel 4: Unreported World

Fighting in Georgia’s breakaway republic of South Ossetia grabbed the headlines last summer. But, as Unreported World reveals, in Georgia’s other breakaway republic of Abkhazia, another tragedy was secretly unfolding.

Reporter Aidan Hartley and Director Alex Nott hear reports of fierce fighting taking place high in the Abkhaz Caucasus Mountains. After being forced back at checkpoints by militia commanders Hartley and Nott manage to slip away from their minders and enter the deserted village of Ajara where they find almost all of the houses ransacked and looted. It’s clear that the bitter ethnic conflict which led to this latest outbreak of fighting, and which has cost thousands of lives over the last decade, still continues.

"Aidan Hartley brings home the people's plight by picking his way through a ransacked house and movingly tracking down its former owners."
- Sunday Times

As this terrific report by Aidan Hartley demonstrates ... It's a portrait of the reality of ethnic cleansing in the best traditions of Unreported World"
- Guardian

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